1. Career Guidance

Our team of trained and experienced counselors offers assistance to students in identifying a course and university that perfectly match their aptitude, interests, requirements, academic and financial background. We at Global Pathways, view career not merely from a livelihood perspective but as a way of growing in both intellect and stature hence offer wise and realistic career counseling to students who approach us. Our expert career counselors with years of experience to back will guide you to choose a course, university that does justice to your talent and potential. We always strive to offer the best course and country for you, keeping in mind the changing world, job market, personal aspiration, aptitude, financial condition etc. we only serve best universities and colleges after reviewing their recognition from time to time to make sure you have a worry free education phase abroad.

2. Admission Support

We offer Guidance throughout the entire admission process to ensure a complete, error-free application for the student along with consistent follow-ups with Universities to ensure expedited admissions. When coming to admission support, there is no match to Global Pathways. Owing to our strong association with reputed Overseas Program Providers, we can seamlessly facilitate your admission as per your aptitude and preference. We are equipped to assist students for admissions with any Overseas Program Providers, irrespective of our association with them. Our experienced team of Advisors renders one-to-one counseling so that you get to choose the appropriate program, institution, and country taking into consideration your ambition, academic and financial background. Our internationally trained admission executives assist you in error-free application formalities. We at Global Pathways guarantee a hassle-free admission process to our students, which ensure high success rate.

3. Visa Assistance

Visa assistance right from application filling to document preparation that meets the most stringent standards required by visa offices of the respective country. Our experts with years of experience in Visa Procedures who are up-to-date with the changing regulations and procedure, ensure high visa success rates

Some of the categories of visas that we specialize in are:

  • Visitor Visa
  • Student Visa/Study Permit
  • Super Visa (specifically for Canada)

Visa assistance and advisory services are currently available for the following travel destinations; Austalia, Canada, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom and The United States of America.

Visa for the USA

There are three main visa types that students can opt for to study in a US university. These are as follows:-

  • F-1 Student Visa: Academic Study - F-1 is the most common type of student visa issued to international students who wish to undertake academic studies in the USA. With an F1 visa, international students can undertake part-time, on-campus employment (20 hours per week while regular semester studies and 40 hours per week during vacations). In addition to this, students can work on optional practical training (OPT) for up to one year once they have completed their academic study.
  • J-1 Student Visa: Exchange Visitor Visa: A J-1 Student Visa is issued to students who wish to undertake practical training which is not available in their native nation to complete their academic program. AJ-1 student status gives similar employment options as that given to the F-1 visa, with same restrictions, subject to a permission granted by the exchange visitor program sponsor.
  • M-1 Student Visa: Non-Academic Study - M-1 Student Visa is issued to those who wish to attend a non-academic or vocational school in the USA. With an M-1 visa, students cannot take up work during the course of their study period.

Each travel destination has its own requirements, rules, and restrictions. Our trained visa consultants are able to guide you through the entire process of obtaining your visa.

A few of what our visa support and advisory services encompasses are:

  • Advice the client about the necessary documents required to apply for your visa.
  • Check the client’s visa application documents
  • Guide the client’s on all aspects of the visa process
  • Assist with filling the visa application form
  • If applicable, schedule visa appointment for the client
  • Update the client on any changes in visa rules and regulations
  • If applicable, assist with booking for medical examination/test
  • If your visa application involves a visa interview, we offer our client an opportunity to go through a mock visa interview with us. We provide full support in preparing our client for the interview, advise the client on the likely format and examples of questions that the client may be asked.
  • With our excellent visa success rate of 95%, in the unfortunate event that the client’s visa application is refused; we will examine the reasons provided and advise the client on the next course of action (e.g. reapply and address the visa officer’s concern)

4. Air Ticket & Hotel Booking

We manage international routes for any airline, offering the best services by our professional and experienced consultants at the best price available as per client requirement and preference of travel. Global Pathways bring thе best travel experience with hуgіеnе, bеаutу, warmth and comfort.

5. Homestay/Rental

We are offering quality and affordability homestays which are a great value accommodation option for the international students and experience in international and family environment. Every home has a host present and they do more than just hand over keys. We help international students by arranging a safer place to live who are coming from the overseas.

  • Job Placements

Global Pathways Limited deliver assistance for part-time opportunities. We try to become a ladder for the international students so that they can climb steps of success. We have great network and connections with contractors who need part-time and full- time workers. We help students to prepare their resumes and cover letters for the part- time and full-time jobs. Moreover, we assist students with the job interviews.

6. Immigration

Every year, thousands of people migrate to their dream country to seek a better life and brighter career prospects. Immigration allows one to live, work or settles down in an advanced country and subsequently sponsors their family for permanent residence in that country.

Migrating to another country requires rigorous screening of applications, credentials, financial standing, family history, language abilities and other information. Having a good knowledge of the requirements for your chosen country is a good first step to a successful path to immigration. Global Pathways immigration services offer temporary and permanent residency assistance to Canada. We have Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants

Temporary Residency Services (Canada)

  • Postgraduate Work Permit
  • If you complete a certificate/diploma/degree program at a public college/university or a private school, which confers a degree, you are eligible to get an open work permit for up to 3 years depending on program duration.
  • Open work permit for the spouse of the student and worker

  • Student Co-op Work Permit
  • If you plan to work while studying in Canada, there are many schools which offer Co-op programs. Co-op programs consist of in-class studying and internship. Duration varies from 4 months to 6 months. For more details, please contact us at info@globalpathwaysltd.com
  • Work Permit Extension
  • Study Permit Extension

  • Permanent Residency Programs (Canada)
  • Federal skilled worker program
  • Federal skill trades program
  • Canadian experience class

7. Income Tax

If you’re new to Canada or just entering the workforce, you may be wondering if filing a Canadian tax return is a necessity. The Canada Revenue Agency does require annual filing. All Canadians, Permanent Residents and Temporary Residents (excluding the visitors/tourist with Visitor visa) need to do their taxes and also keep their personal information such as their address and marital status up to date with the Canada Revenue Agency to make sure their benefit and credit payments are not interrupted.

Global Pathways represents individual and business clients with the Canada Revenue Agency. We use information from the client’s return, along with the return of the client’s spouse or common-law partner, to calculate benefits and credit payments for the upcoming year?

The benefit and credit payments include:

  • Guaranteed income supplement (GIS);
  • Canada child benefit (CCB) (including any related provincial or territorial benefits);
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)/The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) credit (including any related provincial credits)